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AJAX WebService Component


WebService Explorer

WebService Explorer tool provides simple and user friendly way to explore web services, invoke any operations and discover their results from WebService easy. It can be used:

  • When you searching optimal webservice from existing list of same services and could not make a decision which operation is better for you
  • When you have 3rd party complex web service with large WSDL definition; and you have no any wishes to build couple of test applications to discover the behavior details
  • When you created an WebService and want to provide functional tests
  • When you need to provide fast presentation for other people what your web service provides exactly
  • When you need to find such operation parameters' and their types
  • And more and more.

The typical view of WebService Explorer is:

In basics, WebService Explorer works easy; you able to launch HTML page from server or from your local drive, provide WSDL URL and enjoy with playing against web service you chosen.

With simple providing URL to WSDL location you'll get the ability to explore all methods, input parameters, invoke that methods, see methods results, understand WebService-specific complex types, and more and more.

So the typical use case is:

  • Fetching WSDL structure
  • Exploring WebService methods
  • Filling inputs (including support of Arrays, Complex types, Collections)
  • Invoking method
  • Analyzing response

Key features
automatic recognition of WSDL definitions
meta-information retrieval for all WebService' operations by simple URL
support of complex types, arrays, lists, and more
specially tuned for .NET and Java vendors of WebServices
easy and efficient invocation of WebServices both RPC and Document styles
full encapsulation of complex types and arrays
complete creation of requests and support all relevant responses
custom types and ability to make custom XML for certain types
code generation by existing WSDL to provide component-based objects directly in JavaScript (optional, commercial license required)
Web-based WebService Explorer as common solution to explore web services directly from browser without 3rd party libraries and components
any modern browser (Firefox, IE, Opera) with enabled JavaScript

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